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Copyright2011 Kelly Martin

Tomorrow is the full moon and I wanted to do something for my sacred space. This painting became something very different to what I initially imagined.

I had in mind a moon over the ocean and instead after painting the dark sky I painted the water and then this spiral of light began to form and I was thinking “huh?! what?!” No clue what that was all about. And then felt maybe it was a reflection but a VERY ABSTRACT reflection. And as I stepped back I realised it looked like a figure of 8 – the sign for infinity

My ego could quite easily get distracted with the un-realism of the painting but my inner child likes that the moon looks like it has been squashed like it is a piece of dough being kneeded down.

And yet both moons draw you into another world – again (Seems to be a theme going on lately). A whirlpool of energy and the white trickley waves look more like snakes on the ocean or something else.

I guess this painting is totally up for personal interpretation like most art. It’s not literal and can mean different things to different people.

Enjoy! HAPPY FULL MOON tomorrow. And if you want to know more about the power of the full moon check out my recent video here: