Apology To My Fledgling Wings


Okay so life took a few twists and turns I stopped my art. OOPS  I wrote more about it here >>  http://www.kellymartinspeaks.co.uk/2012/12/2012-and-into-2013-new-cycle.html

So I am sorry my Dear Starbright, I am returning. Maybe not in the same way, but I am returning. I am going to use this blog to express my feelings. To draw or paint what I feel, I am curious to see what anger looks like, or love, or excitement. Just going to play. This was what this blog was meant to be for after all, none of this serious grown up stuff!

Hope you all had a wonderful 2012 and that your 2013 is amazing!

Whispers Of Light


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WOW! 2 Canvasses in one week! Whoop whoop!

As I said in my post below I have recently decorated and wanted some paintings on my walls so thought why don’t I do them. This painting changed as I painted, initially it was a slightly different colour, it was more a hill and sky with clouds and turned into this ripple of energy. I like this abstract piece its easy on my eye. I had fun and I must say I love painting with metallic paint LOL!

Wild Wacky Flower


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So I have not put brush to paper since December. I lost my artistic mojo and inspiration. But I am back. It’s spring and after redecorating my home in a lavender and pink colour I wanted something for my wall.

This painting started as a rather flat piece of art, yellow flowers and a different blue for the sky. It was flat, boring and sooo not what I want to be seeing every day. As art represents what is going on inside me. So after sleeping on it I painted it over and changed the sky and flowers and let my inner child play and basically Starbright did the rest.

Not sure what is going on for me internally speaking but its kinda wild and wacky and the flowers have tongues and spirals so think it’s maybe sexual/creative energy spiralling out. Also the main flower is my centre and the energy is moving like a whirlwind, so this is a good sign.

Hope you enjoy! I enjoyed painting it.

Career Cockerel / Rooster – For My Sister Lisa


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My sister is a currently studying Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern at Leeds College Of Art.  She does fantastic children’s illustration.

I painted a Rooster/Cockerel because I read that this symbol is great for career advancement and also I am aware of her love of all things chicken and wildfowl related (grin).

Check her site out here : http://cargocollective.com/lisa-martin

The Rooster borrowed from : http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuicures/qt/feng-shui-birds.htm

  • Rooster. The Rooster is often used in feng shui for career advancement purposes, because the same Chinese word used for the official is also used for the Rooster’s chest. No matter which culture you come from, though, if you watch Roosters you will notice that they tend to be quite bossy, don’t they? For career advancement purposes the image of the Rooster is best placed in one’s lucky feng shui direction. The Rooster wakes up very early and announces the dawn of a new day/the dispersing of darkness and dark spirits, so the Rooster also came to symbolize the ability to ward off evil spirits.



Snowflake Fairy – My Aunt Susan’s Painting


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My Aunt Susan’s painting was the first gift I made. My only regret was adding ink to outline the fairy. I had glossed the canvas before deciding I would rather it was not outlined so it had to stay that way. Embracing small imperfections and allowing myself mistakes. My Aunt loves fairies and the colour blue.

She Walks In Beauty – My Cousin Leanne


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I painted several paintings for Yule presents this year and I enjoyed doing this one. My cousin Leanne has such strong powerful features and the contrast between the black and white worked well. I was running out of time so I had to trace the outline of her features onto canvas instead of drawing freehand but everything else was all me. This is one of her favourite poems she is a lecturer and seminar tutor for “Victorian Passions, Victorian Values” at Newcastle University in the UK. Lord Byron inspires her.  Here is her academic profile:


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Yule Gifts For Family – My Mum’s


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This painting was a spontaneous energy painting. Painted by the Angels.

A Gift For My Mother For Her Christmas Celebrations  
It was a challenge to paint but I got there in the end. I had to re-do the colours a few times but the overall effect turned out quite nice in the end.

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Weird Therapy


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Okay, so admittedly these are VERY strange. However, these are drawings of my inner world. I have been processing and having a lot go on inside me lately and some of it has not been easy so my art is expressing my inner workings.

The head circled is in both drawings. Not sure what they mean yet.

Also do you doodle something if you are having some inner issues? Over and over and over again? The triangles felt important and the infinity in the next one always is.

Looking for a way through some inner issues.

Feng Shui – Wealth Ship


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A Simple Painting For Bringing In New EnergyThis past 2 to 3 weeks I have been dabbling with the Feng Shui of my flat. It has been an interesting challenge as my flat is probably a Feng Shui experts worst nightmare lol! As we live above a garage, have only one entrance to our home, our bathroom is next to our kitchen, out kitchen is where our front door is and our wealth direction and upstairs is one complete room with no seperate walls. So its fun!  Continue reading

Early Abstract


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I decided if I am going to share all my art I will share ALL my art and this includes the paintings at one time I thought were horrendous! And these 3 I found strange. Sorry for the blurry photo my scanner is in midst of getting fixed so its a bit of a shaky photo. I painted both these paintings in one afternoon last year. It was at a time when I had been to an exhibition. I was so inspired by his energy paintings I just wanted to try out painting energy. I was not in the best place emotionally (I think) back then but also using painting as a healing tool. I was not very efficient with paint use lol! I just plastered paint on for the sake of soaking up the colours onto my paper.

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Child Dreaming


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Children's IllustrationSo a little of my process with this particular painting. I thought I would share my honest raw experience for newbie artists like myself who may feel the same kind of fears, anxieties when creating.

I sketched this 3 times, with 3 different girls. I painted it on canvas paper and I mucked up my colours a hundred different ways. The savannah blanket started as gooey mess. I used an old sample paint pot for my apartment wall. I forgot this kind of paint does not dry as well and is a completely different consistency to acrylic. It looked like a pile of pancake mix to begin with (grin!). I then added a touch of brown and it turned all muddy haha! I then added yellow and red haha! Still did not work. I painted this section a lot!

The girl. Well I am still really new at drawing figures. Learning. I have lots lots to learn. I painted her skin colour with the same wall paint and so had a lot of fixing to do. I finally got the colour right and changed her hair a lot. I realised I really did not know how to define lines without overemphasising them with small paintbrush. I need to educate myself. Any practised artists out there please share. I ended up using a slightly darker skin tone pencil in the end. I am still learning how to do highlights on the hair so I used gold paint instead.

The giraffes. Well they looked gorgeous in pencil I then added brown splodges haha! and it did not exactly turn out how I would of liked. However, I still think its okay. I used gold paint for the giraffes lighter colouring.

The sky. Totally new to sunrise/sunset skies. I just played with colour to be honest on this section of the painting.

The whole idea around this piece of art was to be wrapped in the blanket and landscape of nature. What a wonderful world!

Oh and I just wanted to add my emotions sometimes when painting.

Perfectionist, self-critical and I cuss a lot – some of the time (grin).

Mind Unknown


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This was a very quick abstract. I had some paint left in my palette and really felt the need to express a feeling onto the page. I was questioning something and felt unsure of the answer. I painted this painting and afterwards I lay on my bed and pondered the question further it became clear and I knew what to do. The paint was part of my process of unveiling what was inside me.


Seahorse Play


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I spent a couple of days immersed in this underwater playground. It’s quite a simple pencil sketch but I love seahorses and just wanted to colour in for the day. I love the idea of breathing and living underwater – how about you?

I hope to upload more art over the coming weeks and will when I can. At the moment I am painting a few canvasses for Christmas gifts for family and its taken up a lot of time. And as they are surprises I can’t post here – yet lol!

Happy creating!

Winter Through The Looking Glass


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COPYRIGHT2011 - Kelly Martin

Overcoming my fear of paint again today. I must remind myself not to apologise for my art when sharing it.  Musn’t compare one piece with another as its all different and its all new and its all me, bumpy bits, colour, imperfections…. all a reflection of the inner me and I am no longer going to apologise for me or my art. Continue reading

Fall Blessings


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Copyright2011 - Kelly Martin.

This past 2 weeks I have felt like I have had a case of artists block. While my comfort level with pens and pencils is okay I was having a somewhat phobic reaction to using paint. I know it is just old programming from my childhood coming up to be heard. So today, thinking nothing would happen I was planning to go lie down in bed and do some healing on myself. However, something entirely different happened. Continue reading