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COPYRIGHT2011 - Kelly Martin

Overcoming my fear of paint again today. I must remind myself not to apologise for my art when sharing it.  Musn’t compare one piece with another as its all different and its all new and its all me, bumpy bits, colour, imperfections…. all a reflection of the inner me and I am no longer going to apologise for me or my art.I had some paint left over from yesterday and so I wanted to use it up. I felt a tree needed to be there and I am kinda adoring painting autumn leaves right now. The semi-circle of the tree branch felt it was sharing a hidden doorway to another land and after finishing the tree I saw a circle in my minds eye, which then turned into a window.  And so I painted in the leaves, changed the colour of the sky to dark night sky and then I saw winter in my minds eye and thought that is the world through this looking glass. A doorway between seasons, the changing wheel from Autumn into Winter.