About Me

So this is my foot. And yes I have a sausage roll on it. And no I don’t normally walk with a sausage roll on my foot. But this photo made me laugh so hard I had to put it on my about me page.

Why the sausage roll? well, actually its a piece of paper with a sausage roll on it and I entered a competition to win a free lunch at a bakery called Greggs in the UK on facebook. And well, the task was to take a sausage roll for a stroll and be creative. I took it literally (grin!) as most entries photoshopped pictures and were not strolling with the roll.

I enjoyed this challenge it made me laugh a lot out on my own in nature.

So who am I?

Well I can’t tell you who I am. I am still learning. I can tell you what I love and what this site is all about instead.

In earth years I am currently 36.

I used to love art as a child. Loved drawing and painting until I received a poor grade in my final year of high school by my fave teacher of ALLLLL time Mr Graham. I forgive him now because these life experiences developed my character but back then it rocked my world so much so I gave up art altogether until now.

I am quite amazed how that grade affected me. I didn’t even pick up a pencil to draw.

Anyhow, here I am. Drawing and painting again. I never went to art college or got taught anything about art so I am learning and teaching myself.  I don’t really read books on art either because I find them soooooo boring.  The examples they give of fruit and vases sends me into snoozedum time and time again.  These art writers need to get some pazaaazzzz back into the art books.

While I would love to learn about different ways of creating art (and I do), and I would like to know about all the different tools. It tends to find me, be it through a video online to somebody else sharing. I sometimes have artist envy when I realise I would like to try some things but don’t know how (yet), like mixed media, sounds and looks nifty.  But I am sure I will pick it up along the way.

I feel utterly new to all of this.  And sometimes compare my art to others.

However, Julia Cameron (and more recently Goddess Leonie & Sark) inspired me to reconnect to my inner artist and to let my inner child play.  After a course of the Artists Way by Julia Cameron I realised that its kinda daft to compare my art to someone who has been creating art for years. Its like if I was student movie maker comparing my first movie to Steven Spielbergs major blockbusters, instead of comparing it to his first ever tries at movie making, CRAZY!

And so I am just learning, exploring.

I paint sometimes (not as much as I could – still soothing those inner creative critics), but most of the time I draw and colour in with pencils. I love colour and love the quirkiness that my inner child fills the pages with.  Most of the colours my adult self would never put together but her colours work, I call her Starbright.. Shes my little angel creator.

Art aside, I also like to talk on you tube (see Here) as a kinda therapy come teaching channel, come inspiring channel.. come whatever it needs to be.  I am learning lots of kinds of expression which I hid under a bushel for soooo long.

I also have my own spiritual blog called Kelly Martin Speaks (see Here) and my own fan page on facebook. I recently began my big passion as a travel blogger here.

I am just finding my feet in my expressive self and these are all the formats my inner being is bringing it out of me.

I love to walk in nature, I love playing with my camera (oh I have a photography site too, see HERE),  I love writing.  I love sitting in coffee shops gazing out of windows and day dreaming. I lurrve lurrrve lurrrve travelling and will write and play and dance my way round the world when its time for me to do so.

I currently live in the UK in a place called Gloucester. I talk to bees, flies and spiders. I talk to the earth and I talk to myself. I guess in laymans terms I am a little eccentric but I can be an introvert also.

So thats a little of me in a nutshell for now I may add more later.

Hugs & Kisses



7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. mrgaret martin said:

    kelly these are amazing i would buy one keep it up i think this is what you need to do love mam xxx.

  2. Kelly, your work is beautiful!! OMGoddess!! LOVELY, rich, expressive and very very nice!!

    • flyingfreedomxx said:

      (((Kate))), thank you, I have been shaking in my boots today wondering what everyone will think of it. So far great feedback. Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love your site Kelly, your art is so much fun, so bright, so alive, so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it, I’ve got big smiles just looking at them 🙂

  4. oh! Almost forgot! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sausage roll photo hahaha!

    • flyingfreedomxx said:

      Lee Ann thought I had responded. Oops! Thanks so much babe if my art can bring smiles it’s done it’s job. Glad you like my sausage roll photo Lol was much fun hopping on one foot taking photo lol! Hugs xxx

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