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So I have not put brush to paper since December. I lost my artistic mojo and inspiration. But I am back. It’s spring and after redecorating my home in a lavender and pink colour I wanted something for my wall.

This painting started as a rather flat piece of art, yellow flowers and a different blue for the sky. It was flat, boring and sooo not what I want to be seeing every day. As art represents what is going on inside me. So after sleeping on it I painted it over and changed the sky and flowers and let my inner child play and basically Starbright did the rest.

Not sure what is going on for me internally speaking but its kinda wild and wacky and the flowers have tongues and spirals so think it’s maybe sexual/creative energy spiralling out. Also the main flower is my centre and the energy is moving like a whirlwind, so this is a good sign.

Hope you enjoy! I enjoyed painting it.