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Children's IllustrationSo a little of my process with this particular painting. I thought I would share my honest raw experience for newbie artists like myself who may feel the same kind of fears, anxieties when creating.

I sketched this 3 times, with 3 different girls. I painted it on canvas paper and I mucked up my colours a hundred different ways. The savannah blanket started as gooey mess. I used an old sample paint pot for my apartment wall. I forgot this kind of paint does not dry as well and is a completely different consistency to acrylic. It looked like a pile of pancake mix to begin with (grin!). I then added a touch of brown and it turned all muddy haha! I then added yellow and red haha! Still did not work. I painted this section a lot!

The girl. Well I am still really new at drawing figures. Learning. I have lots lots to learn. I painted her skin colour with the same wall paint and so had a lot of fixing to do. I finally got the colour right and changed her hair a lot. I realised I really did not know how to define lines without overemphasising them with small paintbrush. I need to educate myself. Any practised artists out there please share. I ended up using a slightly darker skin tone pencil in the end. I am still learning how to do highlights on the hair so I used gold paint instead.

The giraffes. Well they looked gorgeous in pencil I then added brown splodges haha! and it did not exactly turn out how I would of liked. However, I still think its okay. I used gold paint for the giraffes lighter colouring.

The sky. Totally new to sunrise/sunset skies. I just played with colour to be honest on this section of the painting.

The whole idea around this piece of art was to be wrapped in the blanket and landscape of nature. What a wonderful world!

Oh and I just wanted to add my emotions sometimes when painting.

Perfectionist, self-critical and I cuss a lot – some of the time (grin).