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Copyright2011 - Kelly Martin.

This past 2 weeks I have felt like I have had a case of artists block. While my comfort level with pens and pencils is okay I was having a somewhat phobic reaction to using paint. I know it is just old programming from my childhood coming up to be heard. So today, thinking nothing would happen I was planning to go lie down in bed and do some healing on myself. However, something entirely different happened.A friend on facebook added some hilarious videos and I was crying with laughter for quite some time. This led to dancing to music to get my body warm (the UK temperatures have dropped 18 degrees this week and my body is feeling it). So after some dancing I sat down with a piece paper and decided to play with my new copic markers (discovered when using them really need to get the blender to blend my colours better but thats not the point of today). I had in mind this scene of children playing and I always have had an affinity with hot air balloons (a big dream of mine is go in a hot air balloon over somewhere beautiful like Ayers Rock or somewhere in New Zealand). And Autumn has come and I love the changing colours of the leaves. I also really want to get better at drawing trees. So today I got some practice in.

I had already pre-painted the paper the day before with no idea what I was going to put on it so it was good to already have the sky in. And lo and behold a simple drawing became more intricate. I sketched in the little girl and the tree and the leaves. Sketched in the hot air balloon and the little boy doing a handstand on the hill and then realised my pens won’t go over paint (oops!). So me planning a no paint day and staying in my comfort zone did not happen I just had to paint.

I painted in the balloon and clouds and realised the hill was the wrong colour, it needed seperation and maybe the little girl was on a path, and well I had to paint all this grass around the tree and the leaves I had drawn in.

That was fun! haha! I tend to stick my tongue out as if I am threading a needle (I stick my tongue out when threading needles) so I could concentrate. I imagine being a brain surgeon takes a lot of focus if this is what painting is (smile).

And so my painting came to life.

I like it! Artists block has begun to crumble.