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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Tiger Tiger burning bright, please do share with me your insight.

A few months back I decided to pick up my brush and start painting again. I had not painted since I was 15-16 years of age (not ‘properly’ anyway). I had painted a few years back but it was at a time when my inner child just needed to express with colour. It was a healing process, like all my art now, my inner child wanted to paint and splosh with paint and loved playing with colour, but I had never sat down and thought “I am going to paint ‘A Painting’ “.So with my first ever easel I had a bunch of travel magazines by my side. I had no clue what I was going to paint I only knew ‘something’ wanted to be painted. So I found this teeny tiny image of a tiger, it wasn’t even a full image. It was a tiger on a small caption advert for India and I ripped it out, with half an ear and head. 

I thought at the time I will give it a go. I didn’t think I could paint anything like this. So I guess I half expected not to be able to. To my surprise while listening to Katy Perry very loudly I let myself paint this painting. And it was so fast it was over and done with in 3 hours. Close up it looked more splodgy but I did not know (having not gone to art school) that often the best paintings are revealed more from a distance than critiquing the details.

So after a few colour changes and repainting while singing, this is who was transformed on my page. I am very very proud of him. I am so happy to see him created. It was the first painting I have ever felt really been proud of. And now I introduce him to the world.

He brings forth within me passion for colour and light. He is inside me shining bright. He is my inspiration. His eyes follow me wherever I go in my room.

Tiger Tiger burning bright.